Saturday, April 03, 2010
Tell me what you think!

Imagine yourself entering an art gallery where beside every painting or drawing, there is a question for you to consider. As you walk around the gallery, you read the questions and look at the works of art, thinking of more and more answers to the questions.

"Who do I tell the answers to?" you ask yourself.

In the gallery, you notice a small book on a pedestal that indicates you should write your answers on its pages, but that's not all. The book also invites you to log online to to share your answers with others, beginning a conversation about art, politics, and what responsibility we have in our own world.

"What a cool idea..." you muse silently.

Please take a moment, think about these questions, and write your answers here. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and starting this conversation with you!


P.s. This blog corresponds to the art exhibition currently situated at the Knox School, in the Solarium Gallery, entitled TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! Check out the art in person at 541 Long Beach Road, St. James, New York. For gallery hours, please contact Gallery Director Sue Johnson at or call 631.686.1600.

THE QUESTIONS: To answer the questions (you can answer one question, all of the questions, or only the ones you like) click on the "comments" link at the bottom of the page, and type away!

So...what do you think?

What happens when a small, elite group holds 95% of the political and monetary wealth and power in a social and economic system?

Is it the small groupís responsibility to look after everyone else?

Should the larger group who has LESS (money, power, wealth) be responsible for their own situation and destiny?

Who should have the power to make decisions?

Who is responsible for themselves?

Who gives a governing body power? And why? How?

What happens when a small, elite group does not have the othersí best interests at heart?

Do the masses have control over their own destiny (think politics/government, advertising, the Media, etc.)?

How can we ensure that our political and social systems are fair, just, and equal?

What can you do to make sure your world and environment are fair, just, and equal?

Thank you for answering and participating! Check this blog later to find out how other people responded to what you think.


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